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Commercial Tires

Your commercial tires see miles and miles of roadways. They need to be durable, safe, and provide a comfortable ride all at a value. At Stone’s Southside Service, we provide customers in Washington KS, Marysville KS, Belleville KS, Clay Center KS, Greenleaf KS, and surrounding areas with the best commercial tires available.

Stone’s Southside Service Knows Commercial Tires

Whether your truck drives on highways, urban streets, or regional roads, we’ve got the tires for you.

Commercial tires are manufactured for specific applications. Our inventory includes commercial tires with various tread patterns and depths, as well as tires designed for specific load weights and weather conditions. Optimize vehicle performance with a set of commercial tires from our tire shop.


Reduce Operating Costs with Centramatic Wheel Balancers

Are unblanced wheels costing you money and upsetting your drivers? Improve fleet performance and save money with Centramatic wheel balancers that stop vibration and increase the life of your commercial tires. Centramatic on-board wheel balancers provide great benefits.


  • Increases Tire Life 35%-50%
  • Prevents Tire Cupping
  • Reduces Vibration
  • Dramatically Improves Ride
  • Decreases Payload Claims
  • Lowers Tire Operating Temp 8% - 10%

Centramatic wheel balancer for heavy-duty truck tires is available at Stone's Southside Service. Ask us how you can save on operating costs by making sure your tire and wheel assemblies are balanced.

Increase Tire Life with Crossfire Dual Tire Pressure Equalization System

Commercial Tire Pressure Equalizer

Price: $67.95 | Valve: 100psi; stainless steel braiding

We use Duel Dynamics Crossfire Tire Pressure Equalizerto maximize tire performance and life for fleet managers and heavy-duty truck drivers. The Equalizer guarantees the following:

  • Even Tire Wear
  • Increased Longevity of the Tires
  • Easy Access to Check Tire Pressure (Gauge is Mounted on the Tire)

Correct tire inflation levels are essential to the performance of your fleet. Our cost-effective service makes it easy to get the most value out of your commercial tires. Make sure your fleet travels with the correct tire pressure levels with Stone's Southside Service.

Outfit Your Fleet with the Best Commercial Tires

You don’t have time for downtime. Choose a set of commercial tires you can count on.

Commercial Tires in Washington, KS

Our commercial tires offer:

  • High Mileage
  • Superior Traction
  • Longevity
  • Efficiency
  • Durability

Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you find the best commercial tires for your specific needs. Commercial tires need to be tough to withstand all they go through, so we’ll make sure you’re choosing the most durable, safest tire available for your application.

Our tough tires will toughen up your fleet. When you’re ready for the best commercial tires available, stop by Stone’s Southside Service today.

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Stone’s Southside Service in Washington, KS

Gary Stone created Stone’s Southside Service in 2012. Gary has 35 years of experience in the business and managed three shops before opening his own business. We’re part of the Mid America Tire Dealers Association (MATDA). Our technicians help customers in and around Washington KS, Clay Center KS, Marysville KS, Belleville KS, Linn KS, and Greenleaf KS with quality auto repairs and tires. Find tires for your passenger vehicle or light truck, or specialty tires for your ATV, farm equipment or commercial vehicle. When you need a tow, our towing service is available 24/7. Call us now to schedule your service appointment.

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